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Chestnut Carpentry

Marketing Strategy | Website

Chestnut Carpentry

Working with the business owner of a local carpentry company, we built an online presence and improved brand awareness for the business generating new, qualified leads and customers.

  • Increased brand awareness
  • Business to business connections
  • Marketing Strategy and Social Media
  • Website Development
  • Lead generation
Chestnut Carpentry
Jonathan and Adrienna have been working with me for the past few months to increase my media profile. The work and dedication they have put in is second to none. I have received professional media and business advice that has really helped my business to grow. They know exactly what they are talking about and how to Implement it into my business. If you need help to boost your profile and business look no further than business success marketing
Matt Conway, Chestnut Carpentry

With business and marketing goals in mind, we gave the website a refresh that saw a significant increase in website traffic.

We managed the Social Media channels for this company as they had a small social media presence little time to promote the business themselves. We created results-driven, engaging content (including videos) across a multitude of social channels that saw an increase in brand awareness and new customer generation.

In addition, we worked on improving his business connections and the business-to-business work that we completed secured the business a long-term, lucrative contract in his ideal location and field of work.

We successfully achieved the results we set out to achieve.

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