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HR Services

Building a great team to deliver your brand promise.

Are You Ready to Harness the Power of Your People?

As a Business Owner, one of the hardest things to do is improve your Team Performance. That is where Jonathan of Business Success HR can help. With over 35 years of management experience of small to multi £million businesses he knows what a winning team looks like and how you can have one.

But before you can build your winning team, you need to lay down the foundation and rules, to get the right people in place, doing the right things; to achieve the results you first came into business for.

For when you need to part with an employee due to time, performance or a change in your business circumstances; Jonathan will complete the retirement, termination or redundancy process for you, or guide you through it.

"Has your Business got clear rules of the game that your team can follow if and when you are away from the Business?"

The key to a successful business is making sure that you and your team deliver on your marketing promises. Spending money on your marketing is only the beginning. Getting the processes, organisational structure and team in place to deliver a great customer experience every time, whether you turn up to work or not, is the goal!

Put the right processes in place.

Improve employee performance.

Hire and retain a winning team.

Future proof your Business.

Are You Ready to Harness the Power of Your People?

We listen closely to our clients and provide a range of key HR services which meet your needs. We prepare you for growth whilst protecting and future-proofing your business. By working with you, we will understand your business and team abilities, to help your team deliver your goals, whether you are at work or not.


Our combined recruitment & business experience ensures we can place the right person for you and your team.

Employment Contracts

We can provide you with the necessary contracts of Employment, including Sub Contractor Agreements, to give your team direction and focus.


You might already have the right people in place, but they may not be in the right position or have the training to deliver a winning performance for you and your customers. 

Performance Improvement & Appraisals

We support your Performance Improvement Plans & Appraisals, to ensure your team are always engaged & improving.

Staff Handbook

It is important that you and your team have access to your company Staff Handbook. This will include all your policies and procedures to give clarity.

Disciplinary Processes

Disciplinary processes to ensure everyone follows your company rules and ethics.


When that person has to go for the benefit of your business, your team and you.


In the event of changes to the business operations, economy or market, we support the employee through the redundancy process when there is no longer a need for their job role.

Do More With Your Business

Business Success can help YOU.

At Business Success we combine Marketing with HR. Why? Because we know that having the right team in place, motivated and working together to deliver your products and services, will deliver your clients the WOW factor, making sure they’ll want to buy from you again and again.

Now that becomes a lot easier for you to Market your Business!

It is not always about the products and services, but how they are delivered by your people that is remembered by your clients. So, HR + Marketing = Business Success.

We've already helped so many...

  • "Business Success worked hard on behalf of Plymouth & District Disabled Fellowship to recruit a new administrator for our Charity. PDDF is now well set for a secure future with our new website, new administrator, new contracts etc. We recommend your services to anyone requiring HR assistance."

    Sara Barron
  • 'Jonathan & Adrienna are such a great team. I have used Business Success for all my companies HR and its great to have such a knowledgeable team behind the scenes. Not only have they been a great asset to my business and giving me peace of mind but they have also advised and recommended successful business opportunities so I can keep progressing in my ventures.

    Thank you very much for everything you have done to date, looking forward to carrying our business relationship into 2022.'

    Ross Elwell, EarthCoat
  • "Taking on my first member of staff was very daunting. 
    Jonathan Keable from Business Success HR was very helpful. He ran through the different risks and options and explained the kind of contracts and agreements that were available and important to have.  He gave me all the information and time to consider the options. Plus, answered my many questions.
    We revisited it and within a day I had a very detailed zero hours employment contract with privacy notice and employee confidentiality agreement, a clear and transparent document. My new staff member was happy to have clear guidelines of our agreement and I feel reassured in knowing myself and my company is protected moving forward. Contacts are all signed. Thank you Jonathan”   
    Deanne Straker, Straker Financial Services
  • 'We are a local tree surgery business and employ up to 30 staff at present.  Employing staff comes with its challenges and therefore we have always had external support for HR and Health & Safety to keep us on the straight and narrow.  We recently had to manage the performance of a member of staff which unfortunately resulted in him being dismissed from the company.  The certain member of staff decided to appeal our decision and our HR advisors recommended that we get someone else to consider the appeal.  I obviously turned to BNI to see who I could find and came across Jonathan’s name and contact details.  From the very first point of contact Jonathan helped us through the process with exceptional professionalism and speed.  We felt that the whole process was conducted independently like it should have been and all the key matters were considered.  We have been impressed with the way Jonathan works. Jonathan- thanks for all your help in what was quite a stressful time for us'
    Devon Tree Services
  • ‘Since working with Jonathan, we have received great business support which has enabled us to move the business forward and make smarter business decisions. We would recommend Business Success SW.’

    Hemming Birds
  • ‘Jonathan provided me with some fantastic information in order to help me. Being a young business owner, there’s a lot for me to learn. He helped me to understand what my next steps are.’

    Lewis Dutson, Carlton Cleaners
  • 'Jonathan Keable gave us the HR skills to recruit, employ, train and manage a new team that has enabled the business to grow from 3 to 12 employees in 15 months with plans to add another 4 to 5 in the next 6 to 8 months.' 

    Jason Peek & Ben Stanbury
  • 'The changes, have made this an easier and more profitable business to operate. I am really grateful to Jonathan Keable for the Team changes and in recruiting our exceptional Branch Manager.'

    Stacey Bray MD CPMR Engineering
  • 'Jonathan Keable provided outstanding HR support for me over how to end a probationary contract. JK provided very clear and simple steps that have to happen. Sadly, this situation has escalated and escalated, now requiring police support. If JK hadn’t given this sound advice, as a company we could be facing an employee’s tribunal.'
    Alison Jenkins
  • 'From updating our company handbook to dealing with illness or any disputes or concerns Jonathan has given us great advice and dealt with everything we have sent his way extremely professionally. On behalf of BVEC i would like to thank Jonathan for his work so far and would not hesitate in recommending him to anyone requiring HR services.'
    James Beardsmore, BVEC
  • "I recently referred Jonathan Keable of Business Success HR into one of my long-standing clients, who had quite a tricky HR issue with a long serving member of his staff. Jonathan met with the Client with myself and it was great to see Jonathan in action. He immediately put the Client's mind to rest and chatted through the various options with him. Jonathan was also able to give the Client some advice around his current Contracts of Employment, which I think he will now employ Jonathan to review and update where
    applicable, as they hadn't been looked at for some time. Jonathan's down to earth approach with my client was very well received and he is incredibly knowledgeable and his common sense approach was very refreshing to see. After seeing Jonathan's approach to my client, I would have no hesitation in recommending him into any of my Client's. Great work JK, thank you."

    Darren Butcher, Client Partner, Partners&

We will get your HR decisions executed, so you can focus on growing your business with a great team.

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