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Exit Interviews - Why Are They Important?

28th April 2022
An exit interview is a conversation that happens between a company and an employee who has decided to leave the business. Why is it important to complete an employee exit interview form? Let's look at 3 key reasons: 
  1. When it is time for you to part with an employee, for whatever reason, complete an exit interview with them because it allows you to cover and log the constructive and professional reasons for them leaving your company. This will be good for you, your company and leave a positive lasting impresson on the employee. 
  2. Record the details for leaving. Record the employee's important reasons for leaving. Use your exit form to capture important feedback which you can communicate to your leadership team and take relevant action
  3. An exit interview can collect great ideas for future improvements. A leaving employee is more likely to feel comfortable in giving honest feedback, so take advantage of this opportunity and record it. Their answers may help to make improvements, reduce turnover rates and increase employment satisfaction.
What Questions to Ask
If you are unsure which questions to ask or how to create your own Exit Interview Form, there are at least 18 that you need! If you want a free exit interview form to use, simply emailThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for his copy.

Completing an exit interview correctly will help you uncover a great deal of honest feedback from your employees. It allows you to ask the most important questions, collect everything the employee wants to share, and prepare a useful plan to make improvements to your team.
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