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FREE Ways to Improve Your Website

24th February 2020

Websites are valuable for any business, large or small. Your Website is the anchor to your Business. It is your ‘hub’ of information, a key element of your Consumer Journey, and a significant component of your Marketing Strategy. 

Without a Website, and an online presence in general, it will be hard to grow your Brand. 

Potential customers research (i.e. Google) before they shop, visit online review sites like before they buy and “check-in” via Facebook throughout their day. The Digitalisation of the consumer journey paired with ever-increasing competition means that you need a strong first impression.

Answer the below questions to see where you could improve your website, for FREE, today: 

  • Have you uploaded an up to date GDPR Notice?
  • Are the photos professional and of high quality?
  • Is your website SSL Secure?
  • Does your website include backlinks?
  • Are your meta descriptions up to date and relevant?
  • Do all external links open in a new tab?
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