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How to Create A Seamless Online Experience for Your Customers

13th October 2020

We know that delivering consistent and professional experiences is a great way to ensure that your customers come back for more business. Well, it works in a similar way online…

Customer experience (CX) is priority number one for many businesses. By delivering consistent content across your online channels you will build trust among your customers and build on your reputation. Whether you have a website or use social media to connect with your customers, it is key to make sure that they receive a connected customer experience. In doing so, you ensure that your customers can explore ALL that your business has to offer with ease.

Do you connect with your customers using Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Email Marketing or your Website? It’s important to create a high-quality online experience for your customers, making use of your platforms. But how do you do this?

As a customer yourself, you will probably have received follow up emails, subscribed to company newsletters, and consistently followed certain brands over the years. From the moment you come across a new business, to the second you press ‘BUY’, this is called your customer journey. From the first point of contact to the after-sales care, it’s up to you to ensure each customer touch point delivers a top-notch experience.

  1. Perhaps the most important step; Identify your target customer.
  2. With your target customer(s) in mind, RESEARCH what works well for them; what platforms do they spend their time on? What information are they interested in? Do they prefer video content or blog posts? Work out the best strategy.
  3. Build an emotional connection / strong relationship with your customer (they’ll be at least three times more likely to recommend your product or service!). You can do this via social media content, being open and honest about your brand values, automation and email marketing.
  4. Make use of customer feedback. Actively encourage honest reviews, and take on board any constructive feedback.
  5. Do an internal audit of your online channels. Does your website need updating? Could you add additional features to your web page? Does each page load quickly and read well? Take a look at your social media pages; do they accurately reflect the services / products you offer? Are you posting regular, relevant and engaging content?
  6. RESPOND. Any customer experience requires a level of communication. If you have complaints, online reviews and comments on your social media posts, it is important to respond as quickly and concisely as possible.

The key to making a good online customer experience is a unified approach, centred around your consumer. Different components have to come together to enhance the customer experience such as website speed, personalised offers and quick response times. When done correctly this will create a positive impression on your customers and can even result in increased engagement, influence purchase intention and benefit your business’ reputation. With a clear strategy in place, we can help to build you a strong online presence so that you can stay ahead of your competition. Get in touch with us today.

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