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The Essential 10 Point Checklist for Employers

10th March 2022

Hiring new staff can bring many benefits to your workplace, such as

  • Improve employee morale and mental health
  • Bring new ideas to your company
  • Increase the skill set of your workforce
  • Build your capacity for new work
  • And grow your revenue
This checklist can help you to consider your various obligations and ensure that you are prepared for employing staff.
Here are 10 key things to consider when taking on a new team member:
  1. Decide on the salary you want to pay, which must be no less than National minimum wage
  2. Ask to view the employee's passport to make sure that they are eligible to work in the UK
  3. Check out employee’s references
  4. Write a contract of employment that includes:
  • Full name
  • Start date
  • Probation period
  • Job title
  • List of duties
  • Salary & benefits
  • Hours & Days of work
  • Holiday
  • Pension
  • Terms of notice
  1. Outline your disciplinary procedure
  2. Include your grievance procedure
  3. Make sure you have a data protection policy in place
  4. Check if your employee need's to be DBS checked? 
  5. Make sure you have employer’s liability insurance
  6. Register yourself as an employer with HMRC

Hiring a new employee is an exciting moment for any Business, whether it's your first hire or you are adding to your team. Getting it right from the offset will ensure long term success for both your business and your new staff member. 

To discuss your HR processes, ensure you have the correct contracts in place and any additional training needs, we're here to help. Learn more about our HR Services here

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