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Understanding Your Customers ‘Buyers Journey’ for Your Business Success

23rd April 2021

The buyer’s journey is a process all customers will go through when consuming products or services. So, why is it important for you to know this process

Essentially, understanding this process will help your sales as you will be able to adapt your offerings or content that you might create depending on the different stages. There are three main stages to the buyer’s journey: 

  • The awareness stage
  • The consideration stage
  • The decision stage

The Awareness Stage

During this stage of the process, the customer will experience a particular pain point or, what we like to call a “leaky bucket”. For example, due to the national lockdown and restrictions in place, a customer has more time to think about their home improvements that they’ve been meaning to make for the last few years. This leaky bucket gives the customer an opportunity to explore how they might fix it.


The consideration stage

Next, your customers are likely to have recognised their leaky bucket and are now on their way to fixing it. This means the customer is considering the ways in which they might be able to make improvements. For instance, they might need the assistance of a reliable company to support or do the job for them.


The Decision Stage

Finally, now the customer has decided how the problem should be fixed, it’s time for them to decide who should fix it. This stage considers the customer’s search for a suitable company to help them. You’ll need to ensure that your company is saying the right information, at the right time, in front of the right people. If not you could lose out on potential sales to your competitors. 


So, by crafting your customer’s journey you can deliver an effortless and enjoyable process for them as well as generate sales and improve your brand reputation. Still not quite sure on how to plan each step? Get in touch, we’d be glad to help your business achieve its business success:


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