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What is a SWOT Analysis and How Do We Use It?

20th June 2022

Have you ever considered using a SWOT analysis to assess your business’s marketing strategy and approach? A SWOT analysis is a technique used to identify what is going well, not so well and what your company can do to guarantee success from your marketing. 

What is a SWOT analysis? 

We use a SWOT analysis in every SOAR™ session with a client to identify the:

  • Strengths of your brand promise and marketing for your target market. 
  • Weaknesses of your delivery.
  • Opportunities to market your brand to reach your target audience. We also look at the bigger opportunities available.
  • Threats and competitor activity that may affect your short- and long-term plans. 

The benefits of a SWOT analysis:

The key benefit of a SWOT analysis is understood when introducing your business to our SOAR™ strategy. We identify your current situation, the external and internal opportunities available, offering clear actions to achieve the results for your business. 

Want to know how? 

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Key benefits:

Marketing exposure Team Performance Gaining and retaining client loyalty

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