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What is Included in a SOAR Marketing Plan

29th November 2021
Did your Marketing work for you in 2021?
If you want different results in 2022 but don't have the time or knowledge to execute your marketing, we offer the solution that involves our S.O.A.R Marketing Strategy for those business owners who want to keep their Marketing in-house, but want to benefit from new ideas, expert direction and support.

How does it work?

Initially, we spend a Discovery Session (which is backed by our 100% money back guarantee*) with you and whoever else you want in the room i.e. team members. This session is good fun for all involved and results in a lot of 'light-bulb' moments for clients. Using our S.O.A.R Strategy, we get to know your business; your current situation, your objectives, the actions you need to take and the results to be achieved (and how to measure them!).
Away from the session, we undertake our own thorough research which, when combined with the results from our Discovery Session with you, forms an in-depth Marketing Plan - a roadmap for the New Year - that covers a number of key aspects including: 
  • Your current situation; what are the biggest challenges you are facing? What resources do you have available? What's worked well - and not so well - for you over the past 12 months? Where are you now and where you hope to be?
  • Your services and / or products; we determine what makes you the most money, and what is easiest and most enjoyable for you to deliver and your customers to buy
  • Your Target Audience 
  • Your Marketing and HR goals for your objectives in the next 12 months
  • Competitor Analysis and Market Research
  • S.W.O.T Analysis - We spend time looking at the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats within your business
  • Your Unique Selling Point / Value Proposition to ensure that your brand promise is fully engaging with your audience
  • The specific actions needed to achieve your desired objectives 
  • How you can best MANAGE your actions and REVIEW your results so you and your business continually improves 
That is just a brief overview of what our S.O.A.R Marketing Strategy delivers. This will boost your sales, profits, team engagement, and customer brand loyalty. We help to give you and your team clarity, direction and proof of concept. 

To make Marketing a part of your Business Success in 2022, and for support in setting and achieving your Marketing and HR Objectives, contact us on: 01752 220 377 or book a free, no-obligation call with us at a time and date that suits you here.

*All of our pre-paid Discovery Sessions are backed by our Money Back Guarantee; if you don't receive full value from the session and tell us that same day, we will refund you 100% of the money same day.
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