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Flexible online and offline sales solutions.

Hands-on specialist sales support and training

We help you get and convert better leads to become long term customers.

Sales bring you the money that enables your business to survive and grow. Having the right sales strategy and effective selling techniques can make the difference for your business to either ‘get by or thrive’. Whether you’re already an established brand or are just starting up, we provide flexible online and offline sales solutions.

Fields Sales

Whether you are in Field Sales or Telesales, the key challenge is to creating a connection and building rapport so that your prospect/client is engaged. Key listening techniques are just as important as delivering your service or products. The Business Success Selling Strategy includes the 8 Steps of selling and a full review and training of your sales staff. This enables your Sales team to engage, connect, sell and retain with prospects/clients.

In selling, we always start with planning & preparation, part of our 8 steps to Selling. 

These 8 steps to selling ensure that you go in prepared, conduct your meeting successfully and leave with agreed actions:

  1. 1. Planning and Preperation before you go into your meeting so you know what you want to say.

  2. 2. A 30 second Introduction pitch that lets the prospect know the subject matter

  3. 3. Open questioning. See this as your detective work! Find the gap or pain that the prospect identifies with!

  4. 4. Your presentation, keep short, clear and to the point

  1. 5. Overcoming Objectives raised or indicated by the client. Reaffirm every step of the conversation

  2. 6. Closing the sale or agree next steps

  3. 7. Implementing agreed actions

  4. 8. Review the outcome and planning the next steps

Marketing + Sales + HR = Business Success.

Find out how using our unique approach can give you full business satistfaction

We can work with you, or do the work for you.

Make your business work for you.

We understand how Aristotle’s theory “The whole is greater than the sum of its parts” can be implemented to achieve Business Success. By implementing the key Marketing, Sales & HR tools into your Business, you will be able to improve on your success.

There is no point having a great Sales Team if their performance is not replicated by those in Operations, Delivery, Administration and Management (Your Team)! In business, everyone needs to be focused on Marketing & Sales in order to give the great customer experience, that they return for and let others know about!

How we help you find business success

Trust our expert team!

Not only does our experienced team explain how to do it, but we will also implement agreed actions, through gaining your trust and the support of your team. We implement the Marketing, Sales & HR processes that your business keeps for life. The benefit of this is that you get our Business Success Team working ‘in’ your business to deliver your agreed actions, while you work ‘on it’.

Marketing Services

Our transparent digital marketing work will deliver you a personal, passionate & tailored results driven service, whether you are based in the UK or abroad...

HR Services

With over 35 years of management experience of small to multi-million pound businesses we know what a winning team looks like and how you can have one...

About Jonathan

Jonathan Keable has had 20 years leading & motivating Sales Teams to achieve record results at Corporate level in both Newey & Eyre & Brakes Foodservice where he has won multi million £ contracts by offering, implementing and delivering the right service to clients.

Jonathan Keable

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