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C&D Electrical+

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C&D Electrical+

Designed and developed a fully optimised, secure and professional WIX website, with SEO. Provided ongoing monthly Social Media management and content creation. 

The brief? A website that was clear, on brand and designed to generate customers and improve conversion rate. The client wanted a website to share with potential customers and B2B partners to showcase their work and have all the neccesary company information in one place. 

The solution? A structured, mobile optimised site with clear call to actions, key messages, social proof (testimonials and images). This website included a 'project' page, showcasing a selection of their work. The website takes a landing-page approach, using anchor menus and clear navigation throughout. 

We have managed the company's Social Media presence, alongside their website and Google Profile, to generate new customer enquiries, establish the company online and share their key messages with their target audience. All Social Media activity has been organic. 

C&D Electrical+
"Jonathan and Adrienna have really helped us to push our business forward with great success. They are a pleasure to work with and extremely helpful."
David Kingwell, Owner C&D Electrical +

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