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Mountain Top Accountants

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Mountain Top Accountants

We designed the logo for a new Accountancy firm, which is now used across Social Media, the website and promotional material.

  • Branding
  • Logo Design
  • Unique Selling Points
Mountain Top Accountants
For someone who is very much into facts and figures, when JK and Adrienna asked me what’s your USP, Brand Promise and Tagline, from my very quizzical look, I think they may have realised then that they were talking to someone who had no idea about any of these things. Unfazed, they took the time to explain what each one was and more importantly for me, gave me advice on how to identify them. JK’s various stories really helped with this and their perseverance whilst I went through a number of ‘duds’ was very welcome. In addition, JK’s wealth of business knowledge was very helpful in giving me ideas for my new business and how to scale it quickly. I have no hesitation in recommending JK and Adrienna and offer my sincerest thanks for the advice, time and patience they have given me
Ben Houston, Mountain Top Accountants

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