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Plymouth Property Maintenance

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Plymouth Property Maintenance

Since working with us, both Jason & Ben said that have been able to:

  • “Treble our multi-skilled team, which has allowed us to deliver more services without compromising on quality”
  • “Grow and develop our ideal customer base”
  • “Increase our leads, treble our conversion rate, retain great clients, build a strong order book, and boost our sales”
  • “Build a strong market presence within in our targeted geographical area of Plymouth & selected surrounding areas”
  • “Have our services correctly reflected and marketed throughout our website and social media platforms”
  • “Allow us more time to focus on developing our business and tender for the bigger projects”.
  • “Free us up to move from working in our business to focusing on developing our team, services and key markets further”

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"If you are thinking of taking your business to the next step I highly recommended you getting in contact with Business Success. They are amazing at what they do and have been a key part in the growth and success of Plymouth Property Maintenance Ltd"

Plymouth Property Maintenance
When we came to you in Nov 19 we had a team of 3, Now we boast a team of 18. What an amazing journey we have been on together in the last 15 months, 12 months of them affected by Covid, What an incredible achievement. We have both come off the tools and are now sat in our own office with a Business support administrator again something we did not expect so soon. As business owners and managers our knowledge has grown massively all because your services have been second to none and have exceeded our expectations by far. We cannot possibly tell you what this means to us, our families our employees and our Business. Your hard work and personal touch has made this experience not just a business education but a friendship for life.
Jason Peek & Ben Stanbury

Plymouth Property Maintenance (PPM) was launched in 2018 by two life-long friends Jason Peek and Ben Stanbury after first joining forces in the start of their business venture called PS Handyman in 2015. PPM has become a fast-growing Property Maintenance and Facility Management Company serving both the Domestic and Commercial property markets.

In 2019, both Jason and Ben approached Business Success to discuss how we could help them to take their business to the next level in developing their Marketing & HR. We started off with their Business Marketing Plan and HR Strategy. We identified key actions to implement over a 12-month period to make key changes to support Jason & Ben’s vision for their business. One of the key improvements that has helped them to grow faster, was to move them from working as technicians in their business to focusing on training their team to deliver the work for them. This has enabled Jason & Ben to focus on building market demand for their key services.

We now work closely with PPM on their Business Marketing and HR.

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