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As a Business Owner, one of the hardest things to do is improve your Team Performance. That is where Jonathan of Business Success HR can help. With over 35 years of management experience of small to multi £million businesses he knows what a winning team looks like and how you can have one.

But before you can build your winning team, you need to lay down the foundation and rules, to get the right people in place, doing the right things; to achieve the results you first came into business for.

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At Business Success we combine Marketing with HR. Why? Because we know that having the right team in place, motivated and working together to deliver your products and services, will deliver your clients the ‘wow’ factor, making sure they’ll want to buy from you again and again. 

Now that becomes a lot easier for you to Market your Business! 

It is not always about the products and services, but how they are delivered by your people that is remembered by your clients. So, HR + Marketing = Business Success.  

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Put the right processes in place.

Improve employee performance.

Hire and retain a winning team.

Future proof your Business.

Our HR Services


Our combined recruitment & business experience ensures we can place the right person for you and your team.

Employment Contracts

We can provide you with the necessary contracts of Employment, including Sub Contractor Agreements, to give your team direction and focus.


When that person has to go for the benefit of your business, your team and you.

Disciplinary Processes

Disciplinary processes to ensure everyone follows your company rules and ethics.


Design is a key element of your product development. From idea generation to packaging and prototyping, we can turn your dream into reality.

Performance Improvement & Appraisals

We support your Performance Improvement Plans & Appraisals, to ensure your team are always engaged & improving.

Staff Handbook

It is important that you and your team have access to your company Staff Handbook, covering all the ‘rules & regulations’ for working in your business.

This will include all your policies and procedures to give clarity so every one in your team understand how they should operate and what is expected of them.

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Real Life Results

‘Let me tell you why I love my job: For a £m sales Engineering company hit by Covid and a poor performing team, my client’s net profit year end was under 3% of t/over some £26k. Working with him on his HR, that included me completing redundancies, dismissals, recruitment, job roles, contracts of employment and reorganising his team, his operating costs were reduced by £146,000, and he is now forecasted to make over £200,000 net profit in the next 12 months, some 8x more than his last 12 months.’

– Jonathan Keable, Managing Director, Business Success

What People Say

‘Jonathan provided me with some fantastic information in order to help me. Being a young business owner, there’s a lot for me to learn. He helped me to understand what my next steps are.’

– Lewis Dutson, Carlton Cleaners

‘Since working with Jonathan, we have received great business support which has enabled us to move the business forward and make smarter business decisions. We would recommend Business Success SW.’

– Hemming Birds

We can work with you, or do the work for you. We will get the HR decisions executed, so you can focus on growing your business with a great team.

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