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6 Winning Ways to Retain Your Best Employees

26th July 2022

Why is it important to retain staff?

We are currently seeing The Great Resignation in the UK, where employees have been quitting their jobs in record numbers since the spring of 2021. 

Retaining staff is crucial to building a strong, healthy business that is capable of growth and constant improvement. In particular, it is important to retain the top team members who add value to your business and those that you’ve spent years nurturing. Keeping your staff happy, engaged and feeling valued is key to maintaining a balanced and healthy work environment. 

Encouraging staff loyalty, whilst offering a unique and safe environment will help your team feel happier and improve productivity and output. Establishing and maintaining a positive company culture will increase employee morale and your work atmosphere by 69%. As outlined in our recent blog post (The Top Challenges Facing UK SME's), only 9% of UK workers currently feel enthused by their work post COVID. 

It is now more important than ever to put the correct processes and culture in place to retain your top performing employees. 

How you can you retain your employees?

There are many reasons why staff may not stay in a work environment or position. These usually come down to your staff feeling unappreciated, unsafe or unsuccessful. The best way to avoid this is to:

  1. Offer better-than-average wages, promotions or bonuses. 
  2. Make sure your employees know what you expect from them.
  3. Create an inclusive environment for your employees to contribute to.
  4. Enable and up-skill your employees to maximise their talents and skills.
  5. Be fair and equal to your staff, showing respect through delegating task ownership and responsibility, whilst giving guidance, support and praise.
  6. Encourage creativity and personal development.

Implement these values into your business environment so you can improve your staff productivity, wellbeing and value as a company. 

Are your employees leaving?

If you are struggling to retain employees, Exit Interviews can provide invaluable insight into the employee perspective of your company. This will determine whether your employee retention strategies need improvement. At Business Success, we can help you to implement and facilitate Exit Interviews. 

Your next step!

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