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Should You Rely Solely on Word of Mouth for Leads?

4th May 2020

What is word of mouth (WOM)? Word of mouth is spoken communication; sharing information and knowledge of a specific product or service by a satisfied customer. This is very common in marketing and can be highly effective. If a lot of people are talking positively about your product/service, those ‘listening’ are inclined to look into your business and, therefore, increase your new lead opportunities.

Although WOM is very cost effective and useful, you shouldn’t just rely on it by itself – it’s always good to engage with new and existing customers/clients directly as well as having good word spread by loyal customers.

There are so many effective ways to promote and market, meaning you don’t have to rely on WOM. Think about the growth of the internet; it’s a lot faster and easier to promote online!

There are many ways to market your business and engage with customers, such as networking, collaborations, search engine optimisation (SEO) and social media marketing. 

All of these aspects are important and it would be great to incorporate them all into your marketing strategy and action plans. Developing a varied and well considered marketing strategy can serve as a kind of road-map for the business, knowing exactly who you will be marketing to and how.

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