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What is Clubhouse? The Popular Audio-Only App

6th July 2021

Initially launched in April 2020, Clubhouse is still a relatively new app that has become popular with the likes of Elon Musk, Mark Zuckerberg and other well-known individuals and brands. Described as the 'audio version of LinkedIn', Clubhouse is a great platform to make connections, share high levels of knowledge and resources, and even make successful sales. 

Audio is now the next 'big thing' after the rise of video. We saw it happen with the rise of podcasts and, eventually, the rise of ads within podcasts. This is why Twitter and Facebook are now launching their own audio-based spaces; so, Clubhouse is ahead of the curve.

What is Clubhouse?

  • Social Networking App
  • Audio-Only
  • Exclusivity; it is an invite-only app
  • Everything happens in real-time (live) 
  • Available for both iOS and Android users

How Can You Get Invited to Clubhouse?

Anyone can download the app and begin the sign-up process. However, you will need an invite to complete the process and 'get in'. Existing Clubhouse users can easily invite new members that want to join, so it's worth asking your network(s):

  1. Who is already on the app?
  2. Who has a spare invite they can send to you?

Who is Clubhouse for?

Whilst the majority of users join Clubhouse to represent their company (i.e. business owners, marketing managers) in a bid to grow their networks, increase brand awareness and make more sales, the app is open to all and attracts a varied user demographic. Even celebrities are enjoying the app as a way to keep connecting with their audience. Yes, you can join rooms and chat live with celebrities, business tycoons and thought leaders.

What actually happens on Clubhouse?

When you've signed up and made your account, you can edit your 'bio' to describe and explain who you are, what you do and how you add value to others with your products/services (if applicable). It is worth adding a high quality profile photo. You can follow people who peak your interest and, most importantly, join 'rooms' that cover a huge a range of topics; from business and marketing to fitness, tech and spirituality. You can switch rooms as much as you like, choosing to join based on the title and topic being discussed, as well as the people in the room. You can 'sit' in the audience and simply listen to the conversations, or you can 'raise your hand' and get invited up to the 'stage', where you can actively join in and share your thoughts and knowledge, or ask questions. 

Learn more and download the app:

Get started by following Business Success Club on Clubhouse here.


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