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Why is Marketing Important for Your Business?

7th November 2022

Marketing is made up of many different things; from your logo, the packaging on your products, your Social Media, your personal brand (how you come across, your networks and connections, your story), Google reviews, your business tone of voice, your website, your SEO, how you reward your loyal customers, to traditional media like pull up banners, flyers and table talkers in a restaurant. 

These are all things that your potential customers SEE and HEAR about your brand, just like when we meet someone for the first time, these things help customers to form and make an impression about your business; whether it’s a good or a bad one is up to you.

We are surrounded by adverts and noise, the ‘next big thing’ is always changing, there’s plenty of competition across all industries. Marketing helps you to stand out from the noise, and great marketing naturally pulls customers in your direction; which is great because it saves you time, money and effort going out to find them. Because they find you first! 

87% of online shoppers use social media while making shopping decisions.

Your marketing should give the right first, second, third, fourth impression (because it can take up to 8 touchpoints for a customer to take action aka get in touch with you or 'like' you on Facebook!) and talks to the right people (your target audience). 

At Business Success Marketing, we look at the big picture of your marketing, and one size does not fit all when it comes to marketing; some businesses may need more support on their Social Media because they want to generate new customers and make sure their business comes across as modern, professional and authentic.

Others have the skills, time and desire to manage their own Social Media but need a STRATEGY, a bit of direction; with what channels to use, what kind of content and messages to share, some handy tips that will make their lives easier.

Some businesses are happy with the number of customers they’ve got, but want to make sure they can RETAIN those customers whether it’s through monthly newsletters, building a community, being a thought leader in their industry or tidying up their Social Media channels that may have been neglected. 

These are all real-life situations which could apply to any business owner. 

We are very honest and flexible in our approach, and get to know everyone we work with, to give you the marketing strategy and support that works for you. We also focus on communication and education. Too often, we hear business owners say they don’t know what they are paying for when it comes to their marketing… they feel out of control and lost because they lack the knowledge to ask the right questions or understand what their marketing company or even their in-house marketing are doing and the results it is bringing to their business. 

We walk you through every step of the process, being really clear in the service we are providing you.

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