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We Have a Podcast! | The Business Success Podcast

1st December 2022
Our new podcast, The Business Success Podcast, is now live, and we're on Spotify! If you fancy listening to a short podcast in your lunch break, whilst you're working, or perhaps on your next drive, check out the first 2 episodes of The Business Success Podcast here:
The podcast focuses on all things HR, team performance and marketing, providing business owners and entrepreneurs with entertaining insights and stories about running a successful business and the highs and lows this brings.
We will also be interviewing and talking to real-life business owners who share their inspirational stories and advice with us all.
Ep. 1: We talk about the importance of building an engaged team who actually deliver on your Marketing promises, using our One Force Strategy®.
Ep. 2: We're joined by Nirvana Vets, the at-home euthanasia service for your beloved dog or cat; hear their story so far, how their process works, the highs and lows of the industry and much more.
We're looking forward to chatting to Eco-Plug in our December episode.
Happy listening!
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