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Why You NEED to Know About Mobile Marketing for Your Business

1st October 2020

So, you’ve got a great website but is it mobile friendly?

With the increased use of mobile devices, it is crucial to consider the benefits of marketing on mobile devices. But what exactly does that mean for your business? People are spending more time on their mobiles and less time at their computers. Mobiles allow consumers to browse the internet and make purchase decisions wherever and whenever they like.

Whats great about mobile marketing is that it gives your business ample, unique, opportunities to connect with new and familiar faces without them having to be at their computer.

Having a brilliant website that is also mobile friendly will allow your customers to explore your site with ease. If it is not, this could easily frustrate them, put off their engagement intentions and you could even lose potential customers. If you are in the trade industry, you will know that some of your customers are after quick, on the go fixes or services. This is where mobile marketing comes in. Your potential customers will be able to browse your online pages as and when they please, without having to be at their computer.

Did you know that Google provides a mobile-friendly testing tool ? Simply, drop your URL into the search box and you’ll get a screenshot of how your page looks on a smartphone screen as well as a list of recommendations to make the mobile experience better. 

Of course, your approach to mobile advertising will depend on your business goals and audience segments but that is where we come in. We can help set a strong strategy so that you can achieve your business goals and stay ahead of your competition.

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